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Talking Artz Podcast | Natasha Daniloff

Blue Mountains landscape and installation artist Natasha Daniloff talks to Wendy Chai and Brad Diedrich about her work practises and how she is dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown.

Having a unique personal cultural history forms a significant part of Natasha Daniloff’s creative story. A Russian heritage which also encompasses the family’s time in Iran before arriving in Australia where Natasha was born, has shaped Natasha’s work as a painter and mixed media artist. Her abundant output reveals her love for landscape work, but also her passionate belief in the arts as curative and formative soul work. Her message is crucial for all of us in the arts during this climate of devaluation. 

About Natasha

Natasha Daniloff is an Australian artist specialising in drawing, painting, mixed media and installation. Her work embraces a broad thematic framework referencing her Russian heritage, Iranian cultural motifs acquired when her family lived in Iran and fuses these with her experiences in the Australian landscape. 




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