Artist Natasha Daniloff profile on Southern Wild Co. website.

During COVID-19 times, Blackheath artist Natasha and writer Sally Marwood opted for a telephone hook up with emails sharing images of artworks and paintings to punctuate and illustrate her words.

SM: You grew up on a farm just outside of Brisbane. You’ve come along way as they say from a girl from the bush with Russian heritage who had intentions of studying music?

ND: Hmm, from about 6 years of age I wanted to be a concert pianist. My mother was a choir master in the Russian Orthodox Church in Brisbane and so I grew up singing and learning the piano. I also loved drawing. At 18, my mother died and whilst I straddled for a while, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education at Queensland University and piano at the Queensland Conservatorium, it was the Teaching Scholarship that won through because it was my only means of financial support.

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